About Universaliqtest

We try to provide the best and most accurate possible IQ test for the world. What we have found is that most IQ test web applications don't use real time data to calculate IQ scores. Most just use a predefined schema to determine someone's IQ score. However, that is very a flawed and arbitrary value with no meaning.

In order to counteract this we have developed Universaliqtest. Our algorithm takes multiple parameters (19 to be exact) into consideration. To name just a few: number of correct answers, time for completion, age etc. Unlike conventional IQ tests, we rank every single test taker among each other. Only after that we calculate the IQ score.

We are also aware of the fact that we could only attract a certain demographic of people to our website. To fight against that, we have a broad range of marketing strategy in effect. That's how we make sure our target audience is as broad as possible, which in turn makes the results more accurate.